Is the Chow Chow considered a 'high maintenance' dog?
I wonder whether you do or have owned a Chow Chow before?  If not, are you aware of their grooming needs?  Many pet groomers do not do the extensive grooming required to keep a pet Chow Chow looking its best.  In fact, there are many groomers that only do a "poodle clip" on a pet Chow Chow, which destroys its legendary appearance!  Do you have the time and experience to do the grooming yourself?  If you are willing to learn and devote the necessary time, the grooming can be an excellent opportunity to "bond" with your dog.  Chow Chows enjoy being lovingly groomed by their owners.  However, they may not be so happy to have their nails clipped or any "matted hair" removed by a stranger.
Why is it necessary to spend time "socializing" my Chow Chow?
Do you own other pets?  If so, what kind?  Interaction with and introduction to other family pets and people should be carefully supervised, especially, at first.  Are you aware of the Chow Chow's "independence"?  Some people term this personality trait as "stubborn".  However, in most cases, this means that the Chow Chow is naturally "suspicious of strangers" and wishes to make its own advances, after cautiously observing the pets or people, to its own satisfaction.  The Chow Chow is intensely loyal and, therefore, reserves its affections for those it has "checked out" and trusts.
The Chow Chow is a Watch Dog; not a dog to be "attack trained" for protection.
If you are already familiar with the breed, then, you have considered all of the concerns above and more, I'm sure.  You must plan to keep your Chow Chow "well socialized" for all of its life!
Why is it so hard to find a pure-bred Chow Chow to buy as a Companion Dog?  Why do they cost so much money?  It wasn't that way the last time I bought a "pet-quality" Chow!
You will find it difficult to buy a top-quality Chow Chow, "on demand" or by some particular date.  This is a startling shift from the "over-population" problems experienced by this breed in the 1980s-90s!  Only dedicated Chowists, most of whom exhibit their best Chow Chows, are breeding today.  After they keep and/or place their best puppies in Show Homes, they may maintain a carefully screened list of prospective Companion Chow Owners, as "Pet Homes", for the remainder of the litter; usually sold on spay-neuter contracts for prices, only slightly lower than that of their Show Prospect littermates.  This places the going price at around $800+ for well-bred Chows from reputable breeders.  Surprising?  No, not really!  It costs the breeder the same effort to produce a healthy, excellent temperament, Companion/Obedience/Agility puppy with health clearances, as it does to produce a Show Prospect puppy from the same litter!  Their parents required the same financial outlay to finish championships from AKC, and to receive eye, hip, and elbow numbers from CERF and OFA.  The breeder will have invested the same amount of time in "socialization" and training, in order to promote healthy attitudes, in pet puppies, too!
If these are the things you're looking for in a Chow Chow, for your lifetime Companion Dog; then, get your name on the waiting lists of reputable Chow breeders in your general area.
Count yourself lucky, if you are chosen to own one of these wonderful Chow Chows, and don't "Count The Cost"!  You have the Breeder as your Mentor for the rest of your dog's life, a service that can't be "purchased" at any price!

Kathryn E. Phillips
The Gin-Tai Tibetan Spaniels
'The Gin-Chows Remembered'

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