Click HERE:2002 Christmas Tree at Sanders & Evelyn Russell Circa 1920's Home recently restored by great-nephew:Dr. H. Russell Phillips & wife,Ann
Pictured at RIGHT:Sanders Russell,
his wife, Evelyn Willis Russell, and their son, Henry Bosworth Russell, having Christmas Dinner 1968 with sister,Helen Russell Phillips, and brother(seated),Israel Pickens Russell,III at "My Home IN Alabama"
BELOW:Text from "Harness Horse Hall of Fame Biography Card"
Sanders was born in 1900 at
Sanders was born in 'My Home In Alabama'. MORE of his Life Story:HERE
A RUSSELL-SANDERS FAMILY PHOTO:CIRCA 1927 in front of 'My Home In Alabama'
PHOTO Circa 1927:L-R:Uncle Billy Sanders, my grandmother Russell's brother;my Aunt Evelyn Willis Russell, wife of Sanders Russell and mother of Henry B. and WalterS.;Helen Russell, my mother;Elise Sanders, daughter of Uncle Billy & Aunt Alice;"Little Pick",Israel Pickens Russell,III;I.P.Russell,Jr., my grandfather, holding Sanders & Evelyn's toddler son,Walter;Mrs. Katharine Sanders Russell, my grandmother;Aunt Alice Sanders, wife of W.W."Uncle Billy" Sanders.
Pictured:L-R Mrs. Russell Alston, Mrs. I.P. Russell,Jr.,Mrs. W.J. Legg, Miss Elizabeth Hopkins; Picture taken by 'Traveling Photographic Studio' aboard train passing through Stevenson,AL:circa 1898! To:A Virtual Christmas Tour:Parlor of 'My Home In Alabama'